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High Point Album Is Out Now. It’s Available To Stream On Spotify, ITunes, And On Amazon And Wherever You Listen To Music. You Can Also Order The CD Here.



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The world has changed since Colin Devlin released his acclaimed 2010 solo debut, Democracy of One, but this Irish songwriter’s approach to finely crafted music remains steadfast. His cinematic tracks have featured in more than a dozen films and TV shows over the past two decades. Now, Devlin returns with his second outing, High Point, produced by longtime collaborator Pierre Marchand (Sarah McLachlan, Rufus Wainwright) and recorded in Los Angeles and Montreal. Devlin’s new songs explore the darkness and light of human relationships set to moody soundscapes influenced by David Bowie, Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel, and David Sylvian. The title cut recalls the shadowy rhythms of Devlin’s rock band past (he toured the world with The Devlins in the 1990s and early 2000s); “Highwire” examines the coldness of 21st century technology, and the rewards of going the distance in a relationship; “Promised Land” is a signature ballad with a Wurlitzer piano and backing vocals from fellow Blue Elan artists Chelsea Williams and Lisa Lambe; and “Exosphere” is a simple ode to fatherhood and the mysteries of everyday love, but also a yearning for deeper knowledge of one’s own existence. The album includes guest guitarist Michael Brook, brother Peter Devlin on bass, Matt Chamberlain on drums, and Jeremy Ruzumna on piano and keys.